Synergy's Profile

Charter Renewal

We provide assistance for:

  • Development of Charter Renewal Applications (District or State)
  • Annual Charter School Monitoring Reports (WebEPSS) Requirements)
  • Analysis and Presentation of Student Achievement Data and Other Measures Stated in Your Charter Goals
  • Support leaders in creating learning communities
  • Identify reachable improvement goals
  • Identify realistic measures for identifying success
  • Manage conflict and reduce unproductive behavior
  • Develop actions to meet your goals


  • Increased internal capacity
  • Increased interaction and involvement
  • Methods for moving forward with consensus methods

Skill Improvement

  • Work team development
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Managing conflict
  • Discuss/dialog/decision-making
  • Effective problem solving
  • Accountability with measureable results

Our knowledge of data displays and decision-making comes from recent involvement with several individual schools and districts.  Where decision-making comes after data were collected and presented in an effort to determine strengths and areas of improvement in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.